What the fuck is up with the media today? ABC in the corporate pocket?

Submitted by naught101 on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 18:27

Just listening to radio national news/current affairs, and this piece about the Geelong ford factory shutdown/worker layoffs and the newsreader says, roughly:

"The Factory's manager admitted today that the decision was a hard one, given the impact it would have on Geelong"

ONE word in that really gets me riled up. It's the word "admitted". Let's get something straight here. Companies don't admit messages like that. They workshop them.

Ford doesn't give a fuck about Geelong, any more than it cares about anything apart from profit. Companies don't work for places, they work for money, and, infact, that's not just an economic choice they make - they are legally bound to to provide profits to their shareholders.

But they DO know that people care about people, even if companies don't. They also know that people buy cars. And if people don't like Ford because they think Ford are capo scum, then they won't buy ford cars (Heh. If people really looked hard, they'd realise that all car companies are capo scum, and wouldn't buy cars). So Ford has to make it clear that they're sorry, very sorry, we didn't want to, but the Market (God) forced us to! no, really!

What the fuck happened to the ABC? It used to be highly intellectual, I'm sure to the point where it could see through this crap, but apparently not any more. It's a pity. Might be time for some Pirate Radio in Oz.