Top ways to save money AND go green!

Submitted by naught101 on Sat, 08/04/2007 - 23:16

Please note that the intent, order, and formation of the title of this post is sarcastic. There is no way that I would ever put "money" before "going green" in normal conversation.

Anyway, looking around for places to promote envirowiki ( - knowledge database for environmentalist and social justice activists, which you should check out and contribute to), I came across, a reasonably cool site. On the "green your life" page I noticed a link to "29 Ways to Save Money on Gas" (on another site). I kind of get pissed of at these light-green/neocon in camouflage posts, I mean who cares about the money? If you fuck the planet you aren't going to be able to buy anything anyway! And if you have enough money to care about how much you save of it on fuel for your car, then it's pretty much guaranteed that you have enough money not to worry too much about money.

But anyway,it got me thinking, if there was an ecoanarchist approach to "how to save the planet, in ways that are also, co-incidentally, economically efficient", what would it look like? And pretty much, I reckon it'd be this:

naught101's big list of saving the world (and some cash on the way):

  2. STOP designing/manufacturing shit that doesn't work, so other idiots won't buy it.
  3. STOP thinking of ANYTHING as waste, and start thinking of it as a resource.

Maybe I'm missing something. Obviously, I could also add some crap about being slightly more efficient or whatever, but Jevan's Paradox kinda fucks that right up, doesn't it? No, I think that really cover's most of it..

Good buy, and lucky planet saving!


Hello, I found your blog from the email you sent on the eco-workers list.

Although only short and simple, I think your list on saving the world (and cash) is pretty much right.

I've written about this on my blog, that if we didn't waste so much we wouldn't have to buy so much and if we didn't have to buy so much we wouldn't need to produce so much. Not producing so much means two things: less resources are being used right now and less need to work to produce the things and to buy more things.

With less environmental impacts and less work, I kind of see it as a win-win situation.

Here's a link where I kind of explain it better:…