Weekend holiday

Submitted by naught101 on Sat, 02/03/2007 - 23:24

Went on a weekend holiday
Flew from Sydney to Byron bay
the Flights are so cheap there's no bloody way
that I was getting on a train

the Villa was great, air-con all day
Lights all night and the stereo playin'
went out on a jet ski I'd hired
trashed the reef as I rode for miles
it's better than surfing, cause you don't get tired
and the petrol's cheap in Byron

on the flight back, up so high
the whole east coast looked so dry
started to think 'bout what those greenies we sayin'
'bout Global Warming, and Climate Change

Stepped out of the Airport, the city was a mess
we'd had another hailstorm, the worst one yet
and the whole south coast was a blazing wreck
an' it was snowing out at Ularu

Read it in the Herald, the hottest year yet
and the government's bringing back the nuclear threat
didn't work in the 70s, and nothing's changed much,
but the government wants to make a quick buck
I started wondering about that flight to Byron

Got home late, but I jumped on the 'net
had to find out what might happen next
read some science sites, said we had to do something
cyclones are getting stronger and glaciers are melting
with the sea up higher,
wonder what it'll be like at Byron?

Read some greenie websites, full of good solutions
we have to stop burning coal and reduce our consumption
but the corporations don't like it cause the can't make a profit
and the pollies are all living from the corporation's pocket
cause they get free holidays in Byron

found out my computers using 400 watts
coming from coal power, it emits quite a lot
so I've switched to renewables and I'm using it less
all of my consumption has been re-assesed,
wish I'd never flown to Byron

should have gone surfing, probably would have cost less
but if we all thought that, we wouldn't be in this mess
if I go back to Byron I'll ride my bike
cruise all day and camp at night
but I could just go surfing at Coogee.


Chords, so far:


music, rhyming patterns, and rhythm inspired by (none-to-closely) Redgum's "I've Been to Bali Too" and "Long Run"

if I could play reggae, it would probably be more like Bali

comments on the lyrics, and suggestions for chords/strumming patterns most welcome.